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Plastic Cup

Color: White, Blue & Black

Material: PP

Size:  7.5cm x 11.5cm  

3 Tier  Adjustable Pan Pot Rack Rak Dapur

Material: Carbon Steel

Color: Black

Size: 22 x 36 x 40cm

Stainless Steel Dish Rack Rak Dapur Pinggan Mangkuk

Color: Black

Material: Stainless Steel

Size:  43x23.5x63.5cm

Material: Light weight cotton and linen fabric + Wood
Size: 61cm x 20cm, each pocket measures:19cm x 14cm

 Portable barbecue Grill 

Color: Black

Material: Carbon Steel

Size:  43cm x 24cm x 29cm 

Non-stick Frying Pan With Cover

Color: Black

Material: Marble Stone, Nano Silver Coating

Size:  32cm

22cm Pressure Cooker Pot

Color: Red & Green

Material: Glass & Iron

Size: 23cm

Volume: 3.5L

Candy Storage Box Bekas Gula

Color: Red & Pink

Material: PP

Size:  26cm x 26cm x 8cm 

Spice Storage Box

Color: Blue (Yellow cover)

Material: PP

Size:  17.5cm x 10.7cm x 9.5cm 

Plastic Serving Tray

Color: White & Green

Material: PP

Size:  36.5cm x 24.5cm x 2.4cm 

Water Jug

Color: White & Black

Material: PP

Size:  13.5cm x 22cm  

Cosmetic Storage Box

Color: White & Grey

Material: PP

Size:  24cm x 18cm x 24cm 

Stackable Plastic Storage Box

Color: Green, Blue & Yellow

Material: PP Size: Small (S) - 26.5cm x 18.8cm x 10cm

                              Large (L) - 28.5cm x 22cm x 14cm

Color: Blue & Yellow
Material: PP
Size: 43cm x 32cm x 18.5cm

Color: Green, Blue & Yellow
Material: PP
Size: Small - 20.5cm x 15cm x 8cm

         Large - 27.5cm x 18cm x 12cm

Color: Green & White
Material: PP+PS.
Size: 13.4cm x17cm x 17cm